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Drawing : Ecole Emile Cohl

The Emile Cohl School in Lyon is a committed art school. Its founding in 1984 is, in itself, an activist act in the struggle against the gradual disappearance of visualizing the world through art. Although the new media (from photography to the Internet) has contributed to the decline of drawing, they offer innovative formats for expression today. Little by little, this has restored prestige to drawing.

Consequently, the teaching of drawing must be re-introduced. The Emile Cohl School has been a pioneer in this domain for the past 30 years in France and in Lyon, where the school was established.

Choosing to be trained in drawing at the Emile Cohl School means learning to master one’s vision during the first three years of study, followed by Year 4 and Year 5 of a professional  specialization in Strip Cartooning, Illustration, 2D/CG Film Animation, Video-Gaming (Concept Art, Character Design, etc.), CG Drawing, Digital Books or Multimedia Computer Graphics.

Specific workshops (Strip Cartooning, Animated Cartooning, Watercolors, Travel Journals, etc.) and evening classes make up this training program and are designed for people who wish to get acquainted with drawing or to perfect their existing drawing skills.





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Packs de rentrée

Le retrait des packs de rentrée s’effectue à l’école (en salle V2) aux dates suivantes :

Pour tous : les jeudi 15 et vendredi 16 septembre, de 8 h 30 à 17 h ;

+ le jour de rentrée des 1ère année : lundi 19 septembre, de 14 h à 18 h

+ le jour de rentrée des prépa : mercredi 21 septembre, de 14 h à 18 h

Pour les autres commandes individuelles, hors pack de rentrée, ouverture de la Centrale aux horaires habituels, à partir du 19 septembre.

Dates de rentrée

3ème Année : Lundi 12 septembre 9h
1ère Année : lundi 19 septembre 9h
Ecohlcité 1+2+3 : Lundi 19 septembre 14h
2ème Année : mardi 20 septembre 9h