Admission Procedures – Enrollment

  • Etude documentaire dessin d'objet
    Martin Jeantet - 1ère année
    Dessin d'objet
  • Ecole Emile Cohl - Admission - Croquis
  • Ecole Emile Cohl - Admission - Croquis
    Ghislain Lefort - 1ère année
  • Étude documentaire dessin
    Elisa Habib - 1ère année
    Étude documentaire

To be admitted to the Emile Cohl School, each applicant must present an art portfolio (consisting of observational drawings) during a personal interview. Enrollment begins on January 1st of each year.


Recruitment Policies

The teaching/training context and consumption of current artwork is so troubled that, in our point of view, there are no pre-existing taboos to undertaking visual arts studies, once verification has been made of the principle that the world is seen through the eyes. To this end, any student who wishes to enroll at the Emile Cohl School must present an art portfolio of observational drawings. The quality of the art portfolio will determine admissibility to:

  • Preparatory Drawing, if the applicant’s art portfolio shows weaknesses or quite simply does not have the required substance,
  • First Year, if the art portfolio displays previous drawing experience due to the quality as well as the quantity of the works presented,


Admissions to the Emile Cohl School begin on January 1st of each year, according to the following procedures:

First Step:   Academic Level required for admissions to the Emile Cohl School

Applicants must prove they are holders of the French baccalauréat diploma or a foreign equivalent (regardless of the specialization) upon finalized enrollment. By way of derogation, any applicant, holder of a French baccalauréat diploma capable of attesting to a salaried activity in the imagery field or the like, who wishes to change professions or perfect their skills (if their professional file permits), may be admissible to the Emile Cohl School in Ongoing Education or within the framework of a VAE (qualifications based on work experience).   


Second Step:   Art Portfolio to be presented during a selection interview at the Emile Cohl School

The art portfolio is an essential element in the applicant’s admissions procedure at the Emile Cohl School.  It must testify to a natural propensity for clearly viewing things, objects, space, etc. The applicant’s art portfolio must contain life drawings and must include the following required works:

  • Object Drawings:  crockery, instruments, tools, (black/white, pencil only, shading, etc.)

Minimum of 5-10 drawings  

  • Documentary drawings (still life in color):  fruits, vegetables, leaves, flowers, bark, minerals, varied materials (gouache, colored pencils, acrylic paint, etc.)
    Minimum of 5-10 drawings
  • Sketches:  live model sketches, animals, landscapes, (charcoal, pencil, felt pen, etc.)
    Minimum of 5-10 drawings

 Nevertheless, any related digital production (animated cartoon sequences, CG drawings, video game roughs, etc.) could be significant supplementary elements to the applicant’s art portfolio. On the other hand, consideration of work based on the applicant’s imagination or drawn from photographs is purely secondary. Applicants are strongly advised to take preparatory courses, either in evening classes or in skills-building workshops.


Third Step:   Selection Interview

As soon as the art portfolio is ready, the Emile Cohl School invites applicants to make a recruitment appointment.  This interview will be with the pedagogical team to evaluate the artistic quality of the applicant’s art portfolio, to determine the applicant’s motivation and personality traits. This interview, by appointment only, can be scheduled either by telephone +33 (0) 4 72 12 01 01 or via the Recruitment Interview Request Form below. Upon reception of this request form, the Emile Cohl secretarial office will contact you. Please be sure to indicate the most convenient time(s ) for you to be contacted.