Company Internships

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Internship – initial professional contacts

During the five-year Undergraduate program, students at the Emile Cohl School must carry out two company internships to “professionalize” their acquired theoretical and practical drawing skills.

  • The first internship must be done during Year 3. This two-month internship is mandatory to validate the Core Curriculum skills of the Undergraduate This internship may be carried out from July 1st to mid-September (up to September 2015) or between January 1st and late February (from January 2016 on).
  • The second internship must be done between Year 4 and Year 5. If this is done within a firm, usually these internships are done abroad. This is a six-month internship. A mark, based on an internship report, is an integral factor of being granted the Draughtsman-Designer diploma. This internship may be carried out from early May to late November (as of 2017).


Legal Framework

An internship agreement, signed by the company, the student/trainee and the Emile Cohl School, guarantees compliance with regulations in force to all parties involved. This means that internship agreements are part of the school or university pedagogical curriculum. If the internship exceeds two consecutive months, or is broken up into several periods whose total exceeds two months, this internship will be subject to a monthly remuneration.


Need to know more?

For further information, please consult the website Ministère du Travail et de l’emploi (French Ministry of Labour and Employment).