Objectives of the DUAIN Program

Training students in the design and mastery of IT and communication tools for research, training, communication, museography, etc. By carrying out a personal project, DUAIN students must show mastery of these tools to formalize university-level knowledge.


What is the profile of applicants?

This 2-year program is open to Emile Cohl students in their final year of study as well as to Master’s students enrolled in the Faculty of Anthropology and Digital Imagery.


DUAIN Courses given at the Emile Cohl School

  • Year 1 to comprehend the issues of digital imagery, on theoretical as well as practical applications. Concurrently to these fundamental Computer Graphics courses (Photoshop™), DUAIN students will set up their project as a model. This can be an Internet website, a smartphone application, a museum terminal, an interactive documentary, etc.
  • In Year 2, in addition to in-depth technical study, each DUAIN student will carry out a project. This project will be presented to a jury made up of members of the Emile Cohl School and the University of Lyon 2, Faculty of Anthropology.


Program duration :   2 years (approx. 100 hrs/year)

Tuition and Enrollment terms :   The Faculty of Anthropology manages enrollment for the DUAIN Program.

Further information can be obtained from University of Lyon 2.

Class schedule and rates

Le DUAIN - Diplôme Universitaire d’Anthropologie et d’Image Numérique - est délivré conjointement par l’Université Lyon 2 et l’école Emile Cohl, depuis 1993.
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Training plan

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