First Year, CG Drawing First Year, Computer-Generated Drawing

First Year, Computer-Generated Drawing


First Year 3D Drawing

The theoretical basis behind this year’s pedagogy is based in the education and composition of the visual eye, as applied to material or immaterial images.

On the practical side, exercises generally begin with a 2D study that continues to CG drawing. For example, the subject dealt with in sculpture/modeling with clay on the first day, continues the next day on screen, in CG drawing using Mudbox™ software. Documentary studies using gouache is continued on tablets or the Cintiq™ with Photoshop™ (drawing directly on the screen, WACOM™ tablets), etc. The objective is to get students used to drawing both on paper and on screens. Students are taught to “juggle” with graphic design, beginning with 2D research work before pursuing work in CG drawing.

At the end of this first year of training, drawing skills are strengthened (depicting, proportions, composition, color, etc.), knowledge is validated concerning the principal tools as well as the technical constraints of video-game or animated film images, etc.


Classes taught


Approx. 6 hrs/week

  • History of digital and animated images
  • Optics & Lighting, Photo
  • Film-making, editing, scenarios
  • English



Approx. 19 hrs/week

  • Modeling, Texturing
  • Lighting and Rendering
  • 2D/CG Animation
  • 2D/CG Graphics



Approx. 13 hrs/week

  • Live Model Drawing
  • Documentary Studies
  • Perspective
  • Artistic Anatomy
  • Sculpture / Modeling
  • Character Design


Second Year CG Drawing (details, tuition, program)

Third Year CG Drawing (details, tuition, program)

Class schedule and rates

Number of teaching hours: 1140/Year.

> Rate 2018-2019 (excluding registration fees) 6 810 €

Computer equipment is provided by the school (PC, licences et Cintiq). School holidays: Lyon Academy.

Training plan

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