Preparatory Drawing Preparatory Drawing

Preparatory Drawing


Preparatory Drawing at the Emile Cohl School

As part of the Undergraduate program, preparatory drawing classes at the Emile Cohl School are designed for those students who wish to enroll in the curriculum but who do not possess the level of drawing skills required for the applicant’s art portfolio. These classes are essentially devoted to acquiring the fundamentals of observational drawing as well as validating students’ motivation to embrace the drawing professions. The class load is intensive (38 hours per week). At the end of the academic year, students should have attained a level of drawing in order to successfully integrate Emile Cohl’s 1st Year program.


Classes taught

Theoretical :

  • Art History
  • History of Books
  • History of the Sciences
  • English


Workshops :

  • Documentary Drawing
  • Plaster Drawing
  • Live Model Drawing
  • Object Drawing
  • Drawing for Staging
  • Sculpture / Volume

Class schedule and rates

Number of teaching hours: 1000/Year.

> Rate (excluding registration fees) 2018-2019 6 240 €

Training plan

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