French Preparatory Classes Preparatory Drawing Classes (French as a Foreign Language)

Preparatory Drawing Classes (French as a Foreign Language)


What does this training consist of?

The first objective of this training program is for students to familiarize themselves with the French language and, secondly, for them to develop their artistic and cultural skills. Upon completion of this one-year educational program, students should be able to integrate the Emile Cohl School curriculum (Undergraduate program, CG Drawing) or, if appropriate, they are capable of applying to other schools which require an observational drawing portfolio for admissions.


 The Applicant’s Profile :

The foreign applicant will be the recipient of a French Baccalauréat diploma (or equivalent) or other higher-level educational diploma.


How are the Preparatory Drawing (FLE) Classes organized at the Emile Cohl School?

The Preparatory Drawing (FLE) Classes are held during an academic year and include a total of 800 hours of study. Each class has approximately 20 students. French language training is carried out by university lecturers and offers courses, methodology conferences, theme-based conferences, museum visits as well as e-learning courses.

Drawing classes are given by Emile Cohl teachers.


Admissions and Financing


  • To enroll in the Preparatory Drawing (FLE) Classes at the Emile Cohl School, students must be recipients of a French Baccalauréat diploma (or equivalent) or other higher-level educational diploma obtained in their country of origin.
  • The level of French (DELF A1) must be sufficient to be capable of doing higher-level studies in France.
  • Students must also have previous experience in painting, drawing or visual communication.


Selection Terms

After initial selection, based on an application file, a commission will meet to determine the applicant’s admissibility.

Class schedule and rates

Duration of the training: 9 months

> Rate (excluding registration fees) 2017-2018 Please, refer to the specific brochure

Contact : Mme Alice Rivière +33 (0)4 72 12 01 01

Training plan

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