Second Year, CG Drawing Second Year, Computer-Generated Drawing

Second Year, Computer-Generated Drawing

The Second Year CG Drawing

Classes in 2D drawing evolve toward narrative drawing which stage decors and characters (observed or imagined).  Modeling is taught through advanced CG sculpture. In fact, object design must be dealt with, in order to adhere to the specific and real needs of the professional world. How can you invent a vehicle for a videogame when you cannot use existing brands? How can you invent a contemporary artistic object?

The recent accessibility of 3D printers enable work to be finalized and printed to better grasp volumes, proportions, perspectives, etc. Exercises which are “outsourced” by the school’s undergraduates enable students in the CG Drawing Training Program to adapt their know-how to third-party art management and group projects. At the end of the school year, technical skills are sufficient for carrying out a personal project in the following year. During Year 2, animation, modelling and texturing classes are completed.


Classes taught*


Approx. 6 hrs/week

Film-making, editing, special effects (FX), scenarios, credits, Graphic Arts, Video-gaming culture and processes, Game Design, English


CG Drawing

Approx. 21 hrs/week

  • CG Sculpture / CG Design / Notions of 3D Printing
  • 2D/CG Animation (Rigging & Set-up)
  • Compositing / Rendering (After Effects, etc.)
  • CG Graphics Engine, Assets, etc.
  • Practical Work (implementing hands-on exercises)



Approx. 8 hrs/week

  • Object Drawing  and Background Design
  • Anatomy / Character Design
  • Live Model Drawing
  • Narration / Storyboard



Approx. 4 hrs/week

  • Project Guidance for undergraduate studies
  • Project Management (scheduling, etc.)

*Class subjects and teaching hours are given for information purposes only and are subject to change.

First Year 3D Drawing (details, tuition, program)

Second Year 3D Drawing (details, tuition, program)

Class schedule and rates

Number of teaching hours: 1150/Year.

> Rate (excluding registration fees) 2018-2019 7 110 €

Computer equipment is provided by the school (PC, licences et Cintiq). School holidays: Lyon Academy.

Training plan

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