Third Year, CG Drawing Third Year, Computer-Generated Drawing

Third Year, Computer-Generated Drawing

Third Year CG Drawing

Students must carry out a project in which they are able to demonstrate their abilities as CG draughtspeople and to display their personal aesthetics in one of the following fields:·         Video Games·         Animated Film-making·         Web·         Strip Cartooning·         Illustration Project monitoring occupies much of the students’ schedules and, particularly, in monitoring production, which is an essential link of realizing images or doing CG animation. During the oral defence of this personal project, students must enable the jury to clearly understand their creative process, their approach and the technical processes that were used.A portion of this final year is spent on how the student communicates:  how they “sell” themselves, how they should prepare an interview, how they should prepare their professional portfolio, how they should distribute their images via the Internet, what each professional status involves (freelance, salaried position, etc.), how professionals draft an invoice, an estimate, etc.


Classes taught*


Approx. 4 hrs/week

  • Graphic Design (generic aspects, interface, etc.)
  • English


Computer-Generated Drawing

Approx. 6 hrs/week

  • Classes in Advanced Animation (pre-computed)
  • Software (Unreal™, Unity™, etc.)


Special Effects

Approx. 4 hrs/week

  • Digital Compositing with Nuke™



Approx. 8 hrs/week

  • Live Model Drawing
  • Illustration



Approx. 15 hrs/week

  • Advanced Classes
  • Project Management (production) & Status
  • Personal Communication Methodology
  • WordPress

*Class subjects and teaching hours are given for information purposes only and are subject to change.


First Year CG Drawing (details, tuition, program)

Second Year CG Drawing (details, tuition, program)

Class schedule and rates

Number of teaching hours: 1100/Year.

> Rate (excluding registration fees) 2018-2019 7 410 €

Computer equipment is provided by the school (PC, licences et Cintiq). School holidays: Lyon Academy.

Training plan

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