Distinctions and Prizes

Animated cartoons, strip cartoons, digital books, video games, special effects… Every year, Emile Cohl alumni make a successful name for themselves in all these sectors.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of publications, successes and prizes obtained by our Alumni.

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Animated Cartoons

  • Tante Hilda, animated feature film from Folimage Studio (2014)  Co-director :  Benoît Chieux
  • Le Magasin des Suicides directed by Patrice Leconte (2012)
    Co-graphic artist : Florian Thouret. Contributed to animation and design :   Aymeric Seydoux, Marie Delmas and Alexis Saint Augustin
  • Une Vie de Chat   Directed by Alain Gagnol and Jean-Loup Felicioli
  • Kaeloo  series broadcast on Canal+, co-directed by Antoine Rota
  • Persepolis  directed by Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud (2010) Nicolas Pawlowski (2D Animator) Assistant animator: Kévin Audi-Grivetta
  • Le Sens du Toucher  latest short film by Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo, official selection in Annecy Film Festival  and broadcast on ARTE in June 2014
  • Carn  short film by Jeffig Le Bars, Grand Prize at PISAF, among many other distinctions

Strip Cartoons

  • Violette Nozières Vilaine Chérie (Casterman) This strip cartoon book by Camille Benyamina has been successful internationally
  • Mauvais Genre (Editions Delcourt/mirages) This strip cartoon book by Chloé Cruchaudet received the Public’s Prize at the Strip Cartooning Festival in Angoulême. It also won the Landerneau Prize 2013 and the Grand Critics’ Prize for Strip Cartooning 2014.
  • La Fantaisie des Dieux d’Hippolyte (Les Arènes)  Scenario by Patrick de Saint-Exupéry, international reporter and editor-in-chief for the publication, XXL.


  • Des Motifs ou Presque  Isabelle Chatellard (Editions l’Art à la Page ) 2013
  • Bazar Circus  by Isabelle Chatellard, Carl Norac and Dominique Pinon (Editions Didier Jeunesse) 2013  This book, published in March 2013, received the Prize “Charles Cros Favorite”.
  • Les Chaussures   Authors:  Gigi Bigot, Pépito Matéo – Illustrations: Isabelle Chatellard (Editions Didier Jeunesse) 2010     This album was among the 2012 Selection by Inrockuptibles, category CM2/6ème. It was also selected for a literary prize at the 2012 Book Fair in Châtillon Saint-Jean.
  • Tout Sur Le Printemps  Clémentine Sourdais and Charline Picard (Editions Seuil Jeunesse) 2013   After publishing Tour sur l’été, Tout sur l’automne, Tout sur l’hiver, our two alumni have published the final volume of this series, hailed by all the children’s literature critics.
  • Carnets d’Avignon, Planches 2008/2012   François Olislaeger (Arte Editions/Actes Sud) 2013  Very beautiful book recommended by Télérama, Le Monde, France Culture, etc.
  • Le Voyage d’Anoki  Antoine Guilloppé  (Editions Gautier Lauguereau) 2013
  • Rose et l’automate de l’Opéra  François Roca and Fred Bernard (Editions Albin Michel Jeunesse) 2013   Everyone, from France Inter to Télérama, has hailed this book as a masterpiece.
  • L’homme qui dessinait les Arbres   Frédérick Mansot (Editoons Actes Sud Junior) 2013  A previously unpublished story, inspired by Luc Jacquet’s film ‘’Il Etait Une Forêt’’, and its narrator, Francis Hallé.
  • Jungel   Vincent Pianina (Editions Gallimard Jeunesse, Hors-Série Giboulées) 2013   Selected as ‘’Bonnes Lectures Album’’ at the Book Fair in Montreuil 2013.
  • Folles Saisons  David Sala and Jean-François Chabas  (Editions Casterman) 2013
  • La Chose   Béatrice Fontanel, Alexandra Huard (Editions Sarbacane) 2011   Selected for the 2012 Children’s Book Fair in Evreux.

Video Games

  • Dishonored (Editions Bethesda Software) 2012   Game of action and intrigue developed by 20 Emile Cohl alumni, including Sébastien Mitton (Art Director) and Cédric Peyravernay (Character Designer)
  • Assassin’s Creed Designed largely by Ubisoft Studios Annecy, of which many artists are Emile Cohl alumni, including Rémi Farjaud (Associate Art Director and Character Designer), Mathieu Granjon (Game Content Supervisor). For the Black Flag opus, Johann Grenier did the CG Modelling for many characters.

Digital Books

  • Pango Books   Game-Series for +3 years, project by Studio Pango established by Julien Akita, Lise Mélinand, Mathieu Akita and Nicolas Blanc
  • Moutcho et Pitrouille   By iBOO interactive with the Studio Dandelooo  Developed by BeNtO Studio with aid from the Rhône-Alpes Region     Interactive book for 3-6 years (free downloads from Apple Store) designed by Cédric Babouche.
  • Apolline & Léon “Sur Les Traces du Père-Noël”  (Avant-Goût Studios)  2nd episode of the series illustrated by Marion Piffaretti and developed by Adrien Piffaretti, Emile Cohl teacher.

Special Effects

Gravity directed by Alfonso Cuaron

Sydney Kombo, a member of the Framestore team who received an Oscar for “Best Special Effects” for Gravity with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

And many other professions…

Graduating from the Emile Cohl School forges a unique personality, capable of expression in a multitude of artistic disciplines, more or less distanced from the drawing professions.

Golden Age   1st album by Woodkid, aka Yoann Lemoine, Alumnus 2004, music phenomenon (his first album went platinum) and visual phenomenon (music videos).