Financing your studies

Student Tuition at the Emile Cohl School is borne by the student’s family. If the need arises, families may benefit from financing :


Higher-Level Educational Scholarships

Who are they for?

Higher-level educational scholarships are granted to students who are holders of a French Baccalauréat diploma and whose families have scarce resources and significant financial burdens. This includes Emile Cohl students starting in Year 1 of the Undergraduate program (Students in Preparatory Drawing are ineligible).  The CG Drawing Training program is currently ineligible for scholarships.

How can they be obtained?

Students who currently benefit from secondary educational scholarships are required to submit a request for higher-level educational scholarships. Because criteria differ between secondary and higher-level education, it is recommended to carry out a simulation via the CROUS website. This request must be submitted between January 15th and April 30th to the “original” CROUS website (i.e. the CROUS of the regional education authority where the student is currently studying). To find the website of your CROUS, log on to


Other types of scholarships

  • Retirement Pension Fund Scholarships: Certain retirement pension funds, generally Executive Pension Funds, offer scholarships to their beneficiaries. Families should contact these bodies to find out more about eligibility.
  • Work Council Scholarships: Certain company work councils subsidize internships, evening classes or even school tuition as part of their social work or training policies.
  • Apprenticeship Scholarships: These are granted internally by the Emile Cohl School, based on the student’s marks and their financial means. Application files must be collected from the school’s secretarial office before October 15th of the school year in question. Criteria for granting these scholarships are exactly the same as those of Higher-Level Educational Scholarships.
  • Student Loans: They can be granted by most banking institutions to any person possessing student status. The Emile Cohl School has established partnerships with Crédit Agricole (83 rue Etienne Richerand, 69003 Lyon – Tel : +33 (0) 8 10 635 059) and CIC (206 rue Paul Bert, 69003 Lyon – Tel : +33 (0) 820 300 722). These loans have particularly attractive interest rates for students at the Emile Cohl School.
  • Honor Loans: Students of French nationality, who plan to attend a higher-level educational facility under the aegis of the French National Education Ministry and who are unable to obtain a higher-level educational scholarship, may apply for an interest-free, capped Honor Loan, which is non re-assessable and must be paid back within ten years after obtaining one’s degree or after completing one’s studies. Application files may be collected from the CROUS (Student Social File) from September 1st until October 15th.


Need to know more?

 To find out more about other sources of financial aid, please download The Emile Cohl School – General Documentation.

Tools to compare student loan offers are available on the Internet :