ECohlCité ECohlCité, a school linking CitéCréation with the Emile Cohl School

ECohlCité, a school linking CitéCréation with the Emile Cohl School

ECohlCité, the first international higher-level institution in wall painting, was created by merging the competence of the Emile Cohl School of Art and CitéCréation, a cooperative specialized in monumental mural painting.

CitéCréation, established in 1978 in Oullins (Greater Lyon), has become the world leader in painted walls with more than 650 monumental mural paintings throughout all the continents. Its frescoes, trompe-l’oeils or urban designs display strong cultural identities and seek to reveal, enhance and make buildings, neighborhoods, housing projects, industrial areas and cities more magical for their inhabitants, visitors and tourists.

Strengthened by their 30 years of respective existence, these two internationally experienced and renowned organizations have decided to unite their experience by creating, elaborating and passing on their knowledge in order to institute genuine Urban Art Decoration.

This means creating a profession of urban mural painter, setting up a framework and training “top-quality” professionals in the competence required for decorating and beautifying cities.

Mural painting , monumental frescoes, architectural trompe-l’oeils, urban design and decoration, interior decoration, private and institutional habitat decoration are the domains in which ECohlCité teaches, trains and awards diplomas to Painter-Muralist-Managers in a higher-level three-year curriculum (post French Baccalauréat degree).

General Management, Pedagogical Management and the ECohlCité classes are provided by teachers and active professionals from the CitéCréation cooperative and/or the Emile Cohl School.

During the 3-year curriculum, fundamental classes dealing with drawing, live model drawing, painting, sculpture, documentary drawing, perspective, trompe-l’oeils, IT, computer graphics, mural painting, design, project management, techniques, construction site logistics, communication, management, accounting, history of mural arts, etc.

80 students, equally made up of both women and men, are currently working in ECohlCité’s workshops. They have come from Lyon and its surrounding towns, Brittany, Alsace, Southwestern France, Corsica as well as foreign countries such as Canada, Burkina Faso and China.

Lyon, the European Capital of painted walls, has attracted these students due to the know-how passed on by the professionals from CitéCréation and the Emile Cohl School as well as due to the research activities and innovations illustrated by these two prestigious establishments.


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ECohlCité:  International higher-level institution in wall painting

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ECohlCité :  44 Grande Rue, 69600  Oullins (France)  +33 (0) 4 78 56 35 82

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