International Aspects

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Since the 1990’s, the Emile Cohl School has established partnerships with professionals and other schools, all of which are beneficial for its students.

Emile Cohl’s international policies are rooted in the universality of drawing and all the professions which ensue. Whether they are in Seoul, Toronto, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Orlando or Lyon, young people train for drawing with passion and the firm conviction that they can make a living. Strip cartooning, animated film-making, illustration, CG drawing, video-games, etc. Professional opportunities genuinely exist, as proved by the successes of Emile Cohl alumni.


Teacher Exchanges for Master Classes

Regularly, teachers from schools offering disciplines which are complementary to those of Emile Cohl School are welcomed to host Master Classes and conversely.

For example:  an instructor from Montreal’s NAD Center, a school specialized in CG drawing and special effects, hosted a Master Class at the Emile Cohl School in Summer 2014.


Student Exchanges, University Summer School

These are offered in order for students to experience life abroad, to carry out joint projects, Exquisite Corpses, etc.


Foreign Students at the Emile Cohl School

10% of students enrolled at the Emile Cohl School are foreigners. Some of them, who are not fluent in French, have completed a one-year Preparatory Drawing / French as a Foreign Language program (FLE). This has prepared them for art studies in France, regardless of the school they chose to enrol in.


Disney World – Orlando, USA

A partnership with Disney enables 3 or 4 students in their final year of Undergraduate study at the Emile Cohl School to perfect their caricature skills in Orlando, Florida and be paid for this.


Imminent finalization of a partnership with an art and communication university in Beijing

 Negotiations with Chinese universities have entered an operational phase and Preparatory classes are slated for Fall 2015.


They make a living abroad from the visual arts

Opening up to international opportunities is obvious due to Emile Cohl alumni living and working in various countries.

This includes :

  • Sydney Kombo – Framestore – London
  • Camille Benyamina – Strip Cartoon Author – Montreal
  • Charlotte Rudelle – Graphic Motion Designer – Montreal
  • Vincent Dutrait – Illustrator – Seoul
  • Bruno Riberon – Lead Manager Caricature Stand – Disney World – Orlando
  • Nedy Acet – Character Animator Dreamworks – San Francisco
  • Julien Proux – Studio Senior Art Director – Activision – Shanghai
  • Rodrigue Pralier – Bioware – Montreal
  • Florian Piento – Designer for Digital Garden Inc. – Tokyo
  • Robert Foriel – Technical Art Director – Ubisoft – Montreal
  • Catherine Fusier – Level Artist – Ubisoft – Montreal
  • Benjamin Hayte – Senior Designer –Nerd Corps Entertainment – Canada
  • Maly Siri – Artist, Illustraor, Pin-Up Artist – Montreal
  • Axel Grimald – Shanghai
  • Arnaud Simon Laforest – Art Director Concept Art – Gameloft – Shanghai
  • Jérôme Senaillat – Designer – Google – Tokyo