Partnerships & Networks

From its founding in 1984, the Emile Cohl School has built up a network with other schools, neighboring universities, publishing houses, festivals and companies. These contacts enable students to meet other teachers as well as French or international professionals. This is essential for students and their future drawing professions and job prospects.


Professional Encounters during Exhibitions

  • During the Children’s Book and Press Fair in Montreuil, selected students can rub elbows with the country’s top publishing houses.
  • During Lyon’s Cartoon Movie, a coaching program is organized for students on the Emile Cohl School premises.
  • The study tour to the International Youth Book Fair in Bologna, Italy enables 3rd year students to meet up with professionals in the international publishing world. Students regularly participate in the international exhibition of young illustrators.
  • The Strip Cartooning Festival in Lyon.
  • The Children’s Book Festival in Villeurbanne.


Partnerships and Agreements built up between Universities and the Emile Cohl School

  • Agreement with University of Lyon II, joint university diploma (University Diploma in Anthropology and Digital Imagery, known as DUAIN).
  • Agreement with National School of Music in Villeurbanne, department of Electro-Acoustic Music
  • Agreement with University of Lyon 3, MAAAV (Master in Music Applied to the Visual Arts)
  • Agreement with University of Lyon 3, GACO Arts (Commercial Administration and Business Management).
  • Agreement with ECAM Lyon (Graduate School of Engineering)
  • Agreement with Ecole Centrale of Lyon (Engineering School)
  • Agreement with NAD in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), cf. “the Emile Cohl School and International Training”.


Partnerships developed between companies and the Emile Cohl School

  • Partnership with Disney World Orlando (Florida, USA).
  • Member of the RECA Network (Network of French Schools in Film Animation).
  • Member of Imaginove, the competitiveness cluster, and the network of Visual Arts Schools in Rhône-Alpes.
  • Annual participation in Espoirs de l’Animation (New Animation Talents) in partnership with French television channels, including Canal J, Tiji, Gulli.
  • Network of partner companies for student internships.
  • Participation in collective professional works (Extraordinary History with Le Progrès, Biomérieux, Chervrolet, etc.).


Job Dating

 Each year for the past 15 years, the Emile Cohl School has been organizing a professional day with an increasingly greater number of firms from the sectors of video games, publishing, multimedia, etc.


Western Digital France

Western Digital France and the Emile Cohl School collaborate to deal with storage issues linked to the animation and video game trades. This collaboration, first and foremost, enables Emile Cohl students to have significant storage space throughout their studies, thanks to Red Pro™ hard disk technology.



Progiss and the Emile Cohl School have collaborated for several years in order to offer students the most professional software/equipment pipeline possible. To this end, Progiss offers its vision and sincerely thanks the Emile Cohl School for this highly dynamic partnership.