School Premises

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Equipment and Premises for Curriculum.

The Emile Cohl School has premises in the Part Dieu district of Lyon, measuring approximately                  2,000 m² (not including green spaces).


This includes :

  • 10 workshops for different classes, of which 8 are equipped for video-projection
  • 3 equipped IT platforms measuring 200 m² (video-projection, etc.)
  • 2 projection rooms
  • 1 sculpture/modeling workshop

A library offers several hundred books covering general culture, art history and other documentary information. Students have access to an inner courtyard and a garden. Management and administrative offices are housed in a separate building.


IT Equipment and software solutions

The Emile Cohl School has the most recent IT equipment, which is regularly upgraded. Annual investment has enabled the school to cover nearly all the existing computer graphics fields:  graphic arts, 2D/CG graphics, animation, Web, multimedia, etc.

The school also maintains a fleet of 150 PCs.

Students in Computer Graphics have individual workstations.

Principal software available

  • Suite Adobe™: Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Flash, Dreamweaver, Indesign, Illustrator
  • Suite Autodesk™: 3dsMax, Maya, Mudbox, Sketchbook
  • TVPaint animation™

Services and Equipment available :

  • Internet access via specific workstations and Wifi hotspots
  • Color Photocopier / A3 Scanner / A3 Printer
  • Camcorder and Studio lighting
  • Sound Recording equipment
  • Animation Stand for Animated Cartooning and Multimedia
  • Multiscan Monitor for Animated Cartooning
  • Students have access to an Intranet offering : information about school life, course materials, teacher contact information, schedules, marks, etc.
  • A professional e-mail system (Outlook™) which includes an electronic diary, contact tools and storage space (Cloud).

Due to the “all-digital” context, students are advised to have a laptop computer as of Year 1 which will enable them to install basic software for image and word processing.

Indeed, the use of computers has become culturally obvious for archiving, researching documentation and multimedia use, as well as a tool for personal creation and works/project management.