Student Life

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This page provides all the information which is useful for students:  Student Housing in Lyon, Public Transport, Catering Facilities, etc.

Homepage for Administrative Procedures (birth certificates, change of address, etc.):



  • Rooms in private or student residences: Please contact the school for a complete, updated list of student housing.
  • University housing:
  • Rooms in private homes: The Emile Cohl School will provide a list of availabilities, upon request.
  • Guide of Independent Living for Students (Comité Local pour le Logement Autonome des Jeunes – CLLAJ) offers advice on seeking housing, administrative procedures, deposits, how to do an incoming inventory of housing fixtures, etc.


Financial Aid for Housing

All students may apply for financial housing assistance. For further information, contact:

(Family Allowance Office of Lyon – 67 boulevard Vivier Merle – Lyon 3rd district – Opening Hours are Monday–Friday 8 am–4 pm).


Public Transport

Access to the Emile Cohl School is only 5 minutes on foot from the Part-Dieu train station, Villette exit.

Aside from the train, the school can be reached via Lyon’s subway Line B (subway stop is “Part-Dieu train station”), by taking Tramway Line T3 (tram stop is “Part-Dieu/Villette”), Tramway Line T1 and Line T2 as well as by Bus (11, 25, 28, 34, 36, 41, 47, 59, 59E, 70, 99, 195, 197). There is also a Velo’V (municipal bike rental station) located in Sainte-Anne Square (just across from the school).


For further information on Lyon’s Public Transport, please consult:

(Transports en Commun Lyonnais website available in English, Spanish, Italian and German) or  (municipal bike rental website available in English)

The Emile Cohl School is accessible by car, although car parking is prohibited in the school’s courtyard.


Wifi / Internet Connexion

Several self-serve Internet stations are available to students at the Emile Cohl School. A self-serve Wifi Hotspot is also available on the premises. To access Internet connexions outside of school, please consult this site which lists free Wifi hotspots in Lyon (as well as other cities and towns).  This  website also lists cybercafés in Lyon.


Catering Facilities

A list of all university cafeterias is available at . At the Emile Cohl School, sack lunches are recommended (the school provides microwave ovens for students). The surrounding district offers several fast food restaurants.