Visa-accredited Diplomas – Draughtsman Diploma

In late 2012, the Emile Cohl School obtained Visa Level II accreditation from the French Ministry of Education and Research for its Draughtsman – Designer diploma (Decree of 8 November 2012, as published in the “Journal Officiel” of 6 December 2012, B.O. N° 45).

Henceforth, this Draughtsman–Designer degree is a nationally recognized diploma, as it has been signed by the Chief Education Officer of the Academy of Lyon.

As a private art-education institute, this is the highest recognition for the quality of a school’s curriculum. This has been the key success factor for the Emile Cohl School since its establishment.


What difference will this make?

  • Evaluation of knowledge at the Emile Cohl School will hereby be noted in ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), as is done it all French and European Universities.
  • Although the school’s pedagogy has been adapted, the fundamentals and specializations remain unchanged.
  • A research center in Art History (CRHI) has been set up.


Qualifications, Diplomas… Varied levels of acknowledgement

Only public institutions are authorized to issue national diplomas such as BTS vocational diplomas, licence degrees, master degrees, PhDs/doctorates.

Several steps are required for private schools to obtain accreditation for their curriculum :

An institution’s accreditation by the French State (and relevant Ministry) attests that the school meets all the necessary requirements for the diplomas they prepare their students for. A private establishment may be accredited by the French State and not issue qualifications or a certified and/or approved diploma. At the lowest level, a certificate or attestation of course completion may be issued.

The Emile Cohl School has been accrdited by the French State since 1989.

Accredited (or certified) qualifications by the French State are registered with the RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications), which is accountable to the French Ministry of Labour.

This validates successful professional integration for students who have obtained this diploma.

  • Level I which is equivalent to levels above a Master’s degree or an Engineering School degree
  • Level II which is equivalent to a Licence degree
  • Level III which is equivalent to DUT, BTS, BAC+2 – End of Undergraduate cycle
  • Level IV which is equivalent to BT – BP – BAC PRO
  • Level V which is equivalent to BEP – CAP – CFPA

The Emile Cohl School has obtained Level II Certification for a 5-year period, ending in 2016.

 A Visa-accredited diploma is issued by the French Ministry of Education and Research following an in-depth audit of the school’s curriculum. This validates the quality teaching as well as a certain level of research. It is an integral part of the ‘’Licence-Master-Doctorate’’ Cycle, which formalizes the highest levels of university qualifications.

Visa accreditation facilitates the establishment of international partnerships with top-ranking foreign universities.

 The Emile Cohl School obtained Visa accreditation for its diploma on November 8, 2012 for a 3-year period, ending in 2015.

 The Emile Cohl School hopes to obtain the maximum term for this Visa accreditation upon its upcoming request for extension.

The Emile Cohl School is one of the very few private schools accredited to grant diplomas of this calibre in the field of Art Drawing and its professional components.