The Emile Cohl School and its Alumni

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If you are an alumnus of the Emile Cohl School, in concrete terms, this means that you will be accompanied, helped and supported by the school throughout your career as a Draughtsman–Designer.  The school’s top quality network is based on various tools (cf. list below) as well as on an individual and personal approach. For instance, if a graduate draughtsman returns to France after several years spent abroad, the school will facilitate this person’s occupational integration by proposing highly-targeted contacts.


Our tools available to alumni :

  • Intense presence on social networks, aimed at relaying potential job offers to graduates of Emile Cohl’s 5-year study program.
  • Private LinkedIn network among Emile Cohl alumni, in order to relay job offers as well as to encourage exchanges among the greater Alumni Community.
  • Annual publication of a book highlighting the current graduating class (2 pages are consecrated to each graduate), which is subsequently sent to hundreds of publishers, studios, etc.
  • Each year, a Job-Dating Day is organized when companies have an opportunity to meet with future graduates.
  • Job offers, training and internships are relayed online by the Emile Cohl School.


Need to know more?

The Emile Cohl School can provide you with the Alumni Directory, upon individual request to the school. An online version of this directory will be available within the coming months.